2018 Global CIO Survey

Manifesting legacy—Looking beyond the digital era

In a digital-driven business reality, CIOs face a choice: remain a functional leader or aim to help shape and lead the organization’s digital future. Deloitte’s global CIO survey shows how leaders are taking on the challenge.

The role of the chief information officer is expanding beyond that of a technology champion. As organizations become increasingly digital, the CIO will need to become a partner who helps shape the business.

Manifesting CIO legacy beyond the digital era

Deloitte’s 2018 global CIO survey ‘Manifesting Legacy: Looking beyond the digital era’ takes us further into understanding the increasing pace of change to the role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) as they, and their organisations, evolve the role of their lead Technology Executive to respond to the challenges and opportunities of todays ‘digital’ era. Through in-depth interviews and online surveys, we collated the opinions and insights of over 1,400 technology leaders across more than 70 countries.

Today, organizations typically expect CIOs to do more than keep the lights on and the trains running. Survey respondents indicate that the top two expectations of CIOs are to align to business strategy and transform business processes, with IT operational excellence following as the third. Yes, CIOs should build and maintain solid back-end core systems, but they also need to leverage digital technologies to streamline business processes, engage employees and customers, and drive new value-generating business models. For many organizations, business strategy and technology are inseparable; business leaders understand the influence of both.

For CIOs, digital can present an uncommon opportunity to realign their roles to the new business reality. And this is where it gets personal: Are you satisfied being known mostly as a competent functional leader? Or do you want to help shape and lead the digital future of your organization? That’s a choice you may need to face sooner than you think. And, if you’re inspired to elevate and expand your role, how do you go about realizing that ambition? Are there deliberate actions, behaviors, shortcuts, and avoidable detours that could accelerate and amplify the path to an evolved tomorrow?

Deloitte CIO Digital Fluency Masterclass

In the context of evolving trends, Deloitte organised the CIO Digital Fluency Masterclass event. Clients were invited to attend 11 hands-on workshops, each focusing on one of today’s most influential technology trends.

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About the CIO Program

CIOs lead unique and complex lives—operating at the intersection of business and IT to deliver value to their organizations. To help CIOs manage these challenges and issues, Deloitte has created the CIO Program. The program provides distinctive offerings to support the CIO career lifecycle through leadership development programs, immersive lab experiences, insight on provocative topics, and career transition support to complement the technology services and solutions we provide to our clients.

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