TCL – Save the Earth

Phygital Experiences 

On the occasion of the IFA 2016 in Berlin, TCL exhibited its new line of electronic hardware. To mark the event and catch attention for its products, the Phygital Experiences department designed two interactive solutions for the conglomerate, mixing augmented reality and gesture recognition. The Advergaming featured an extraterrestrial invasion, summoning the player to shoot the enemy spaceships back to oblivion. The whole experience was afterwards sharable on social networks through tablets spread across the area.

Our Phygital Experiences department was responsible for the creative conceptualization, the user experience and customer journey, the visual identity and user interface, the structure design, software engineering, hardware selection and casing, logistics, installation, maintenance during the tradeshow and disassembly afterwards.

Phygital Experiences - TCL - Save the Earth

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