Patient-based Sales Forecasting

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In today’s evolving and digital world, data is the new currency and using that data well leads to insight-driven forecasts and long-term objectives. A sales forecast built on a solid understanding of the driving forces and their impact on the ultimate sales number is therefore key in supporting the tactical and strategic decision-making processes.

For a pharmaceutical company, with brands typically characterised by an expensive product development process and a long product lifecycle, this means understanding the specifics of the patients within a therapeutic or disease area as well as the market dynamics and the competitive landscape, and how this ultimately results in a pool of eligible patients, a resulting number of units or packs sold and the final projected sales figure. All of which can be supported by a variety of scenarios and contextual assumptions.

Join the webinar to understand how Janssen Pharmaceuticals has:

  • Developed an Anaplan-driven and patient-based sales forecasting solution
  • Embedded advanced analytics to reflect patient behaviour and competitive forces
  • Developed a journey toward one harmonised, cross-functional and insight-driven forecas

Register now and learn first-hand about the journey that has led to a harmonized way of forecasting across multiple operating countries, through a continuous process of iterative improvements and enhancements, that were part of a multi-generation roadmap towards a harmonized and EMEA-wide forecasting process and solution. Discover how the solution developed has fostered and encouraged collaboration between local and regional representations of the Finance, Commercial and Supply Chain communities and has brought Janssen closer to the ultimate goal of One Harmonized Forecast.


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