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Over the past decades, organisations around the world have been using traditional shared services, global business services and outsourcing to optimise their Target Operating Model, cut costs and add value to the business. As the pace of change is increasing exponentially and new technology proliferate, organisations are coming under pressure to rethink not just their finance strategy but also what role that shared services and global business services will play in the digital transformation journey.

From cost center to competitive advantage

The key services we are offering are

Define strategy, design & implement

For companies that are about to embark on the journey, we support with defining the key strategic choices and designing the future model(s), emphasizing on service portfolio, delivery model(s), service locations, partnering and sourcing model(s). Alongside, we are also supporting our clients to transition and stabilize their services in the newly built center(s).

Optimize footprint

For companies with existing outsourcing, shared services and global business services models, we define concrete options to optimize the existing footprint and accelerate the maturity of their organizations. We leverage our benchmarking and maturity assessments to answer to essential questions such as: how does my organization compare to others, what is the next level and how do I get there?

Build next-gen capabilities

We support clients to re-imagine their global business services operating models and build next-generation capabilities, augmented by digital, to enable delightful experiences and advanced insights at unprecedented speed. We embark on the digital journey together with our clients to build Data & Talent-Driven Business Services, where humans and machines work closely together to improve and accelerate value.

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The future of enterprise and shared services

Today, one of the most critical business needs for executives across industries is creating resiliency and adaptability in their operations and building the foundation to do more with less in the face of shrinking budgets. The rapid pace of digital development, disruptive market forces including new customer and employee expectations, and the ongoing global health crisis have only increased the urgency of this need. Leaders are bombarded with conflicting messages about how to adapt to the pace of change in this rapidly evolving environment. 

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Key contacts

Joris Van Malderen

Joris Van Malderen

Enterprise & Performance Partner

Joris Van Malderen is a consulting partner with over two decades of experience in working with Consumer Products and Retail companies including several beverage, household & beauty products companies ... More

Charles Palmieri

Charles Palmieri

Digital Finance

Charles supports CFOs and their teams through their journey towards digitalization, defining their digital strategy and deploying digital solutions with a focus on the automation of operations (e.g. R... More

Nicolas Van Houtryve

Nicolas Van Houtryve

Enterprise Performance

Nicolas Van Houtryve leads the Finance Transformation Service Line at Deloitte Consulting. His focus is on translating strategy into business and financial targets. Nicolas demonstrated throughout the... More