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Deloitte's IoT Strategy & Transform service spans a broad portfolio of global industrial clients. A majority of our IoT engagements begin with strategy creation, solution ideation, product innovation, process and tech assessment, developing business and technical roadmaps & business case.

An IoT journey starts with a plan and a set of well thought out choices. Deloitte’s IoT Strategy and Transform service can provide any organization with expertise and analyses that guides organizations towards their next steps.

Our practice is divided into four co-operating blocks which allow us to develop more specific industry-related expertise and accelerate our client’s progress. These blocks are:

  • Connected Manufacturing
  • Connected Logistics and Distribution and Connected Mobility
  • Connected Infrastructure (including utilities)
  • Connected Health

We generally employ agile, sprint-based IoT assessments which accelerates the realization of value and includes rapid prototyping and "Proof of Value" pilots. This allows our clients to see tangible results quickly. At the end of the assessment phase, our clients know where to start, how to scale, and how to measure success in their IoT journey.​

The Strategy and Transform service is supported by an international team with varied professional and educational backgrounds. Our functional skills will allow in depth business case development, rigorous process understanding/mapping and shop floor operations experience. Additionally, the majority of our professionals are platform certified and have significant analytics and development experience.

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Tim Paridaens

Tim Paridaens


Tim Paridaens is Partner within Deloitte Consulting with extensive experience in large scale technology-enabled business process transformation and has specialized in I4.0, (Industrial) Internet of Th... More