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335,000 professionals making impacts across 150 countries

Deloitte has a clear purpose, which defines what we are and gives us our reason to exist: making an impact that matter

We challenge ourselves every day to make what is really important to our clients, people, and the society.

Deloitte has incorporated the same purpose in Brazil – making impacts through projects and actions that each one of our 335,000 professionals, based on more than 150 countries, can conduct in different areas and fields.

The purpose making an impact that matter is related to Deloitte’s practitioners priorities – to do what is really important in three dimensions: our clients, our professionals, and the local communities.

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, our number one priority has remained the health and safety of our people. From the beginning, we adopted a ‘people-first’ approach recognizing that we all needed flexibility and support to adjust to the new normal. Amidst a tragedy that has affected millions, we continue to focus on our professionals’ mental and physical wellbeing as well as addressing the pandemic’s profound impact on our clients and communities. As the pandemic spread worldwide precipitating a global lockdown, Deloitte prioritized safety and business continuity, while supporting communities in need.

Global Impact Report 2020

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WorldImpact: Learn about our main social impact iniciatives in the last fiscal year

Respect and inclusion

Deloitte is addressing systemic racism and injustice by redoubling our efforts to advance respect and inclusion. By deliberately focusing on everyday behaviors, we strive to maintain a culture where all of our people feel included and respected, and where diversity is embraced in all its forms. This commitment also includes working towards gender parity throughout the career lifecycle; advancing LGBT+ inclusion and allyship; and expanding mental health resources to support our people in normal and extraordinary times.

Climate change

Deloitte believes that urgent and immediate action is needed to reach the goals of the Paris Agreement. To expand our commitments, we developed two additional programs that seek to drive responsible climate choices within and beyond our organization. The two pillars of our climate strategy include:

First, through a global, strategic service offering, we will provide an expanded suite of professional services and insights to help clients respond and adapt to the challenge of climate change across their business value chain. We are developing the tools, models, and insights that will empower our clients to think and act differently: from the formulation of strategy to operational decision making to disclosure reporting requirements. We want to help our clients contribute to a better society and give them the right tools to avoid the high risks associated with inaction.

Second, through WorldClimate, we are committing to achieving net-zero emissions by 2030, “operating green,” and extending our impact beyond Deloitte. Through WorldClimate, we will focus on four elements.

Training people for the futute

In FY2020, Deloitte expanded the reach and impact of WorldClass, our global societal impact initiative. Through WorldClass, our people are giving their time – now virtually in most cases – to help develop job skills, improve educational outcomes, and expand opportunities with the goal of reaching 50 million people worldwide by 2030. This year, we invested US$265 million in local communities around the world. Through WorldClass initiatives, we reached 7.1 million individuals in FY2020 for a total of 11.7 million since launching the program three years ago.

Purpose and shared values

Our purpose: we challenge ourselves to do what really matters to our clients, our professionals and the society.

Our shared values guide the way we conduct our actions in order to make an positive and sustainable impact.

Lead the way: Deloitte is not only leading the profession, but reinventing it for the future. We are committed to creating opportunity and leading the way to a better, stronger, and more sustainable world.

Serve with integrity:  Deloitte has earned the trust of clients, regulators, and the public for 175 years. Upholding that trust is our single most important responsibility

Take care of each other: We look out for one another and prioritize respect, fairness, development, and well-being.

Foster inclusion: We are at our best when we foster an inclusive culture and embrace diversity in all forms. We know this attracts top talent, enables innovation, and helps deliver well-rounded client solutions.

Collaborate for measurable impact: We approach our work with a collaborative mindset, teaming across businesses, geographies, and skill sets to deliver tangible, measurable, attributable impact

History of the organization

Deloitte's history is combined with that of the major business environment movements over more than a century and a half. Willian Welch Deloitte opened his London office in 1845, launching the bases of the modern profession of auditing.

Since then, our history has been tied to the evolution of organizations around the world seeking to enhance their business practices. In the 21st century, Deloitte grows swiftly and consolidates itself among the major business services organizations worldwide, in terms of revenue, number of professionals and service portfolio.

Deloitte in Brazil

Deloitte arrived in Brazil in 1911 to audit the British railway companies operating in the country. We then began a history of strong commitment to Brazil, which has lasted for more than a century. Our trajectory has always been associated with the development of the local business environment, actively participating in the main movements that marked the dynamics of the country's economy and market.

Our operations cover the entire national territory, from offices in São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Brasilia, Campinas, Curitiba, Fortaleza, Joinville, Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro, Recife, Salvador and Rbeirão Preto. In Brazil, we have around 5,500 professionals, 190 partners and 12 offices in the country’s major economic centers.

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