The Deloitte Way


The Deloitte Way

Quality audit with innovative experience

Deloitte, the largest professional services organization in the world, is committed to delivering the differentiated experience that organizations expect in audit work.

The transformation of the business reached an unprecedented level of intensity and complexity, driven by new technologies, regulatory changes, fast flow of information without borders, diversified operating models and growing concern about risks. We have more data, tools and innovative resources at our disposal. 

Moreover, new expectations from business leaders, investors, regulatory agencies and many other stakeholders come into play. Organizations seek an audit experience that can reflect a new management dynamic – more agile, objective, assertive and that brings value to the business.

With more than 175 years of tradition contributing to provide credibility in auditing services for business agents, Deloitte has invested in recent years, both in Brazil and worldwide, to effectively deliver what is called “Audit of the Future”, with professionals committed to planning and performing a quality audit based on an innovative experience for clients.

Discover our methodology: more agile, assertive and innovative

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It is necessary to have a holistic view of the reality of your business and combine the best in people and processes to deliver quality and an innovative experience in auditing.

Deloitte works with modern technologies, tested worldwide and applied by a dynamic and experienced team, which combines the knowledge of new digital tools with the search for innovative solutions.

However, we know that, although technology is a critical factor for the audit to be carried out efficiently, it is not enough to allow a different experience with your organization.

The best way to obtain and analyze information, with objectivity and assertiveness, necessarily involves a holistic approach, which integrates the technological tools available with strategic vision and technical concerns, so that the audit processes are implemented with quality.

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Marcelo Magalhães Fernandes

Marcelo Magalhães Fernandes

Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Audit & Assurance Lead Partner

Marcelo Magalhães Fernandes is a partner at Deloitte Brazil, where he currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer. For the past 7 years, he has been the leading partner for Audit & Assurance, over... More