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Assistance in raising financial resources

A strategy to raise financial resources requires objectivity and a strong alignment with company needs.

Considering the constant change and uncertainty in global debt markets, Deloitte offers impartial, independent and global consulting services. The way it conducts its business ensures that its objectives are fully aligned with those of its clients.

By means of a global network of member firms and specialized professionals in offices located in more than 30 countries, Deloitte assists public and private companies, private equity funds, financial institutions and governments. Its objective is to provide services with excellence, based on a deep understanding and broad knowledge of debt markets. In addition, its ability to deal with banks and financial institutions is a fundamental factor for achieving company goals.

Deloitte professionals assist organizations, particularly medium-sized companies that need to grow rapidly, analyze their capital structure and raise financial resources for business expansion or realignment of accumulated debt through refinancing based on structured operations with commercial or real estate collateral.

With Deloitte’s support, companies can direct their fundraising capacity based on level of risk and degree of maturity. In the same way, by raising funds or realigning their capital structure, they can prepare for times that require advanced maturity, like initial public offering (IPO).

Among the solutions Deloitte offers in this area are:

1) Structuring credit operations for companies that require strong specialization in the debt market, which includes:
  • Project Finance: assistance in concession auctions and fundraising for infrastructure projects;
  • Financing of acquisitions: Increasing debt to finance acquisition of companies and strategic moves;
  • Structured operations: assistance in raising funds via the local (FIDC, FIP, infrastructure debentures, etc.) and international capital markets;
  • Assistance obtaining funding incentives (from the BNB, BASA, BNDES, and FCO, among others);
  • Refinancing of financial liabilities. 


2) Evaluation of credit portfolios, mapping of processes for managing asset portfolios, assistance in selling non-performing loan portfolios. 


3) Assistance to investors in concession auctions:
  • Analysis of the tender notice and the main regulatory aspects with a focus on the financial feasibility of the project;
  • Analysis of risks and mitigation factors;
  • Analysis of the market and competition with a focus on helping the client prepare its auction bid.

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Reinaldo Grasson

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