Cyber Risk

Deloitte helps organizations to develop and implement business strategies and programs to address cyber risk.

Deloitte's Cyber ​​Risk professionals combine methodologies and frameworks with extensive knowledge and experience in the industry to create practical and sustainable technical and operational management strategies and architectures.

Our solutions

To guide investments and ongoing management of cyber risk programs by considering risk assessments, threat awareness and implementation of GRC (Cyber ​​Risk Management) solutions.

Our solutions in this area:

  • Management and compliance of cybernetic risks;
  • Training, education and awareness of cyber risks;
  • Strategy, transformation and evaluations in the cybernetic field.

Cyber strategy

Establish security controls aligned to business needs, aiming to minimize exposure and providing productivity with cost savings.

Our solutions in this area:

Cyber ​​security

Leverage our expertise with analytics and event correlation technologies to develop monitoring solutions that focus on critical business processes, including the integration of threat, IT, and business data to prioritize incident handling and investigation.

Our solutions in this area:

  • Advanced preparation and preparedness for cyber threats;
  • Cybernetic risk analysis;
  • Security operations center;
  • Intelligence and Threat Analysis.

Cyber ​​surveillance

Respond to cyber incidents, making operations return to normal and minimizing impacts to the business.

Our solutions in this area:

  • Response to cyber incidents;
  • Cyber ​​wargaming.

Cyber ​​resilience

Key contact

André Gargaro

André Gargaro

Deloitte Cyber leader

With more than 20 years of experience leading organizations towards cost-effective risk management processes, Andre steers large-scale security projects, assisting domestic and multi-national companie... More