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Welcome to Deloitte Canada’s largest complimentary, future-focused conference series—your guide to the exciting ideas, innovations, and in-depth insights reshaping Canada. Join a community of thinkers, visionaries, and creators who are dedicated to moving the needle—together.

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What to expect

360 by Deloitte is Deloitte Canada’s flagship conference series, offering a panoramic view on the issues and opportunities that could propel Canada into a new age of prosperity, while also providing a lens to focus on some of your organization’s biggest priorities. 

We address Canada's most pressing topics, and a diverse range of thought-provoking insights.

Attendees can expect conversations, panel discussions, and keynote addresses hosted by some of the world's most progressive, innovative leaders, all framed through Deloitte's deep industry acumen. 


The pace of change has never been this fast, yet will never be this slow again. We are at a pivotal crossroads –at the intersection of innovation and change, that is reshaping the world before our eyes.

How will your organization adapt to meet the accelerated pace of change to thrive in the shifting Canadian landscape? Discover the answer in the next virtual edition of 360 by Deloitte. View the agenda

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Build your tech-forward future, and learn the latest from Canadian and global thought leaders.

The 360 by Deloitte: Spotlight series explores today’s wave of innovation and disruption and uncovers the possibilities carving out our collective future.

Join public and private sector leaders from various industries all over Canada, as we uncover the issues, trends, disruptions, and innovations in digital transformation that are carving out our collective future, all at the intersection of business strategy, cloud, AI, and cybersecurity. View the agenda.

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Stay tuned for details and registration information coming soon!

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