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October 2023

Our largest future-focused conference series, giving focus to the exciting ideas, innovations, and in-depth insights shaping the future.

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One of the only certainties in 2023 is the uncertainty of the future. And within the dynamics of economic ambiguity, fortune favours the bold. 

Join Canadian business leaders to forge the path forward. 

This October, 360 by Deloitte is your chance to reframe Canada’s shifting economic landscape into a world of opportunity. We’ll explore these topics as levers to drive sustainable growth and transformative possibilities:  

  • Technology 
  • Artificial intelligence 
  • Sustainability 
  • Purpose 
  • Industry convergence    

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What to expect

360 by Deloitte is Deloitte Canada’s flagship conference series, offering a panoramic view on the issues and opportunities that could propel Canada into a new age of prosperity, while also providing a lens to focus on some of your organization’s biggest priorities. 

We address Canada's most pressing topics, and a diverse range of thought-provoking insights.

Attendees can expect conversations, panel discussions, and keynote addresses hosted by some of the world's most progressive, innovative leaders, all framed through Deloitte's deep industry acumen. 


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