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Professional development is one good reason to stay connected. Deloitte hosts events where you can continue your lifelong learning by keeping up with industry trends or regulatory changes that impact your professional life. Examples include:

  • Deloitte 360° conference series are full day events held in key cities across Canada, and offer panoramic insights on a variety of business issues and trends. 
  • The Directors Series offer insights into corporate governance issues while helping directors maintain their continuing education requirements.
  • Financial Reporting updates – a series of live webcasts - offer valuable insights on important regulatory developments and on emerging trends in financial reporting that extend beyond the financial statements.
  • TMT predictions, the flagship publication of the Technology, Media & Telecommunications practice, zeroes in on the hottest trends for the year ahead.
  • Deloitte Dbrief webcast series cover current trends, business issues, projections and innovations across all industries and services.
  • The Deloitte Learning Academy, largely geared to audit professionals, offers learning in various formats that can go toward earning CPE credits.

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"Alumni decide the frequency, manner and type of relationship they want to have with the firm. Deloitte is where thousands of our alumni learned the ropes and we’re here to help them boost their knowledge and, in turn, advance their professional goals."


- Richard Carson

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