IPO Readiness Lab

Confidential and interactive workshop to guide you through your IPO journey

Deloitte IPO readiness services: From obligation to opportunity.

Deloitte IPO readiness services: From obligation to opportunity

The Deloitte IPO Readiness Lab aims to help companies prepare to go public by engaging participants in the development of clear organizational goals. It helps businesses prioritize obligations and activities, thereby enhancing their ability to both meet the timeline for an initial public offering and operate as a public company.

The Deloitte IPO team will take your management and board through 10 key areas critical to a successful market launch:

  1. Financial reporting
  2. Operational and financial forecasting
  3. Key performance indicators
  4. Public company mindset and behaviours
  5. Finance function optimization
  6. Internal controls and risk management
  7. Corporate governance
  8. Information technology and systems
  9. Tax structuring and compliance
  10. Human capital

Speak to one of our team leaders listed below, fill out the Contact Us form, or download our Roadmap to your IPO Journey. Deloitte hosts labs in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, New York, and overseas for companies interested in listing on the stock exchange.

Our IPO Readiness Lab in Toronto is held in the Deloitte Greenhouse™, an innovative and interactive space specifically designed to promote collaborative thinking. The Deloitte Greenhouse facilitates new ways of looking at your organization and accelerates the discovery of usable insights.



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