Securitization and Structured Finance

Entering into a new or complex financial transaction presents unique challenges in meeting financial reporting requirements and regulatory compliance needs. Understanding that securitization is a combination of process, regulation and technology, Deloitte has assembled the wealth and depth of experience – from the beginning of the securitization process to the end – to offer organizations a comprehensive solution for securitization challenges. 

Deloitte securitization professionals support organizations through the full life-cycle of a securitization transaction, including: 

  • Due diligence and asset level reviews
  • Analytics and cash-flow modeling
  • Structural and documentation review
  • Risk matrix and controls formulation
  • Post-closing servicer / compliance testing 

We have extensive depth of experience across all asset classes and serve leading players in the following markets: 

  • Commercial mortgage backed securities (CMBS) 
  • Residential mortgage backed securities (RMBS) 
  • Asset backed securities (ABS) 
  • Private loan syndications or securitizations
  • NHA-MBS and Canada Mortgage Bond programs 
  • Collateral debt and loan obligations
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