The Best Managed Lab Experience

Defining your path to becoming one of Canada’s Best

Introducing the Best Managed Lab Experience: an immersive one-day experience designed to enable business leaders to gain valuable insights into their business.

The Canada’s Best Managed Companies designation is the pre-eminent mark of business excellence for privately owned and managed Canadian companies. Over an incredible 20+ year history, the program continues to foster and celebrate Canadian business success, now with a network of over 375 outstanding organizations.

Deloitte has gained unique insights into what makes these companies thrive, and we want to share them with you! The Best Managed Lab shares leading, innovative strategies and methods your company can adopt to set itself apart from competitors. Learn to emulate the Best, succeed in a constantly changing economic landscape and sustain outstanding performance.

What you can expect:

  • Highly-trained facilitators
  • Immersive and interactive sessions
  • Custom-designed environment 
  • Relevant subject matter resources with cross-industry expertise

Think like one of Canada’s Best. Participate in a Best Managed Lab today!
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