Backpack to briefcase: Are you ready?

By Jennifer Yang

Staff Accountant | Audit and Advisory

The start of your career is an exciting time, yet transitioning from a student to a working adult can be challenging. You may face an unfamiliar social circle, new responsibilities and a lifestyle that dramatically differs from school. Having the right support system becomes important at this time. Make the transition easier on yourself by understanding the challenges and preparing for them.

Don’t wait until the first day. If you are nervous about meeting new people on the first day, get a head start! Reconnect with people you met through recruiting, set-up a Facebook group for your peers and initiate socials to break the ice. You’ll quickly bond with your new colleagues over your mutual nervousness and aspirations. The earlier you integrate into the culture of your new workplace, the more you will feel at ease and avoid “the awkward first day.”

Start developing your personal brand from day one. First impressions matter, so it is important to show others your strengths and that you are and motivated from the very start. You’ve had many opportunities during university to discover your strengths and interests. Be strategic and find ways to promote your skills at the firm through various teams and groups. Connecting your interests to work makes it easy to find your place at Deloitte and expand your network.

Use your first few weeks of downtime wisely. This is the best time to learn the ins and outs of the firm, such as our policies and code of conduct or how to log an IT ticket. Being prepared for even the smallest tasks can help you feel less overwhelmed later on.

Recognize that you will make mistakes. University has not prepared you for everything, and that is perfectly okay. If you do not accept the fact that you are going to make mistakes and receive some negative feedback, then starting a new career will likely be an uphill battle. Change is uncomfortable, so be patient and give yourself time to adapt.

Remember, Deloitte is not only a place to launch your career, but a place to define yourself and form meaningful relationships.

Jennifer is a recent graduate of Simon Fraser University majoring in Accounting. She is currently a staff accountant in our Calgary practice.

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