Dear-18-year-old me 

By Hadi Ahmad

Staff Accountant | Audit and Advisory

Dear 18-year-old me,

So you want to be a chartered accountant, eh? You want to work at Deloitte but you haven’t even taken a high school accounting course? That’s okay. Because you will be okay.

University is stressful. Everyone tells you that there will be a drastic drop in your average from grade 12 to first year, that only 40% of first-year students make it through and only 5% of students get jobs. Don’t get nervous; instead use this information as motivation. I’m telling you that it’s possible to get good grades, do well in courses, and land a great job.

The most important advice I can give you at this point in your life is to balance your time and enjoy every minute of it. Academics are extremely important but don’t forget to have fun. Focus, work hard and do your best. Walk out of an exam feeling like you know there is nothing more you could have possibly done to prepare and good things will happen. And if they don’t, that’s okay because that’s a part of life. Prepare again and try again.

But remember not to focus solely on academics. Become a well-rounded individual. Get involved in student groups, campus sports teams and social clubs. It will not only relieve stress and help you perform at a higher level, but it will also make you stand out on paper and in interviews.

It is extremely important to attend social events and networking sessions in first and second year so you become a familiar face. Deloitte representatives are constantly on campus and they are there because they want to meet you, so don’t hesitate to approach them and introduce yourself. Distinguish yourself by being prepared and asking interesting questions. They absolutely love telling you about Deloitte and what they do outside of work. But mostly, they love hearing about you.

Enjoy every minute of the process, and remember, you’ll be okay.

22-year-old me

Hadi is a recent graduate of the University of Toronto majoring in accounting and minoring in economics. He is currently a staff accountant at our Toronto Practice.


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