Campus Blog: First Day at Deloitte, what I wish I knew

By Anika Funk

Business Analyst, Human Capital Consulting

I never thought I would repeat my first day of school experience, but two decades later I found myself having frighteningly similar thoughts as I started my first week of work at Deloitte. Would I make friends? Was my outfit “cool”? Would I ever learn these strange words all the other kids (sorry, coworkers) seemed to know? Fortunately, much like when I was five, these questions have become little more than amusing memories.

As I look back, I wish I had known several things before my first day to avoid re-living that same five-year-old anxiety spell.  This is my advice and words of wisdom for new hires at Deloitte.

First, take your time and be patient with yourself. We all have different ways of adapting to new settings, so if it takes you slightly longer to get up the courage to ask someone to have coffee or to figure out how to align those PowerPoint bullets, remember that is perfectly okay!  

Second, always give a task your best try and then ask for help if you are still struggling. We have to make our own mistakes in order to learn, but everyone understands that you are finding your bearings and will think no less of you for asking for assistance.

Third, find those people around you, no matter their level, who share your values in order to develop a support system in the firm. 

Finally, just like the first day of school, when you get past your nerves you will see a world of opportunity,  learn more than you ever have and meet some of the most inspiring and passionate people in Canada. Remember: the experiences that scare us often end up being the most rewarding.

Anika graduated from McGill University. She majored in International Management and is a Business Analyst for our Human Capital Consulting Practice.

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