Campus Blog: Four things to know for your first week at Deloitte

By Cassandra Bizotto & Mariam Olagunju

Staff Accountant, Audit and Advisory | Business Technology Analyst, Consulting

Starting at Deloitte can seem challenging, but here is my advice on how to become comfortable and prosperous in your new environment.

Get to know the Deloitte support staff

Never used a photocopier before? Not sure where to get a calculator? Don’t know where to put outgoing mail? Not a problem. The wonderful men and women that make up the support staff are your first point of contact for all of those questions you might be afraid to ask. These people know you are new, and they won’t make fun of your questions. In fact, they hear the same questions every year.

Know your tools

Getting familiar with Microsoft Office is imperative. In Consulting, you need to know how to convey your thoughts on paper and through presentations. If you’ve always passed the torch when it came time to putting PowerPoints together, then try it out once or twice. Take a quick glance at The Minto Pyramid Principle by Barbara Minto, as this is a popular resource for creating better presentations.

Excel is the backbone of Audit and Tax’s work so proficiency is key. Start practising, especially if all you know is the sum function. I recommend learning a few hot keys and using Excel for your University work. We all know that practice makes perfect!


Get to know the people you work with

The people you start with are the ones who will help you navigate the ins and outs of your job, and are often the first people you will turn to with questions. So if you are lucky enough to work at Deloitte, take the time to get to know the people you start with because together you will navigate through busy season, coordinate study leaves and meet up for after-work drinks.

Know where to look for growth opportunities

We all know you will be the newbie who wants to demonstrate their value to the team during engagements. Go ahead, but don’t stop there. You have to find more ways to grow personally and professionally. Luckily, Deloitte encourages participation in internal activities that foster personal development and increase career exposure. Don’t be afraid to ask others if they need extra help on their projects, and don’t ignore those intramural sports emails either. The key to success at Deloitte is to do your work well, manage your time accordingly and find fun leadership opportunities that challenge you.

Cassandra graduated from the Schulich School of Business at York University with an Honours BBA and a specialization in accounting. Cassandra is a Staff Accountant with our Audit and Advisory practice in Calgary.

Mariam graduated from the University of Waterloo where she specialised in Digital Enterprise Management and obtained her Masters of Business Entrepreneurship and Technology. She is a Business Technology Consultant in our Consulting Practice in Toronto.

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