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By Gregory Rogers

Consultant, Monitor Deloitte | Summer 2014 Co-op

One of the biggest advantages to working at a professional services firm like Deloitte is the wide-range of industries, functions and business situations that you encounter. It is impossible to have an in-depth understanding of every industry function. Thankfully, as you progress in your career, you will have the opportunity to specialize in certain business areas, giving you deep expertise that will make you a more appealing recruiting candidate.

Like all good things worth understanding, the best place to start is simply taking 15 to 20 minutes of your day to catch up on the world of business. There are dozens of resources that make staying on top of things easy!

The Wall Street Journal et The Economist ( and

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and The Economist are household names among business students because these publications are important for broadly understanding what is going on in business. Both WSJ and The Economist focus on providing their readers with the biggest business news stories of the day.

The OGM - Energy and Resources (

Energy and resources can be one of the most daunting industries due to its technical nature as well as the sheer scale of the companies involved. Thankfully, The OGM provides some of the most accessible editorials and discussion on oil, gas, renewable energy and industry disruption. The OGM is rooted in its ‘energy + culture’ approach to journalism meaning that all topics covered on the site are written in the context of current popular culture, making it easy for readers to draw out the societal implications of energy issues.

American Banker - Financial Services (

American Banker is one of the oldest publications focusing exclusively on businesses in this space, existing in several forms since 1835. It organizes news into five market verticals: mergers and acquisitions, regulation and reform, community banking, consumer finance, and bank technology. In addition to this, American Banker also offers BankThink, which is a community driven banking ideas blog.

Manufacturing.Net – Manufacturing (

Due to the business-to-business nature of manufacturing, it can be challenging to find easy-to-read information on trends and news within the industry. provides both news and editorials on a number of sectors within production and product development. One of’s best features is two daily newsletters: ‘Today in Manufacturing’ and ‘Latewire’ which offer various industry insights at the beginning and end of each day respectively.

TechCrunch - Technology, Media & Telecommunications (

TechCrunch is a major technology blog that covers the largest technology companies in the industry as well as brand new startups. TechCrunch is particularly well known for identifying rising technology companies and is often times an important milestone for companies in gaining wide exposure. Beyond this, TechCrunch also curates CrunchBase, an open database that contains user-submitted information on various technology companies and people.

Being a well-read business student will always provide you with an edge in the recruiting process. By having a diverse and in-depth knowledge of cases that face any business on a day-to-day basis, you will make it easier for yourself during an interview.

Gregory is a 4th year student at the Ivey Business School majoring in a Bachelor of Business Administration

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