Campus Blog: Tax - People, Challenges and Learning

By Lynn Wu

Tax Analyst, Tax | Winter 2014 Co-op

Do you enjoy being challenged while still working in a familiar environment? If yes, then the Tax practice is definitely for you!

I have worked in Global Employer Services at Deloitte for two co-op terms and love it. Tax involves applying a wide variety of theory and knowledge to make sure our clients are complying with laws and minimizing their expenses. The team-oriented culture, challenging work and learning opportunities truly make the Tax practice stand out.

Working with a team and seeing them in the office every day makes them become part of your family. Even when everyone is really busy, people are always willing to help me understand a complex issue. It really is a team effort.

The cross between the continuity of projects and new challenges makes this service line unique. Even the same taxpayer can have changing situations and filing requirements from year to year. This is why the Tax practice appealed to me when I started, and why it still appeals to me to this day.

Tax is also about continuous learning. Because of the changing rules and regulations that come into law every year, I always have lots to learn during training. To help with this, my local office runs sessions focused on continuing learning for tax professionals.

The Tax practice is one of the most diverse service lines at Deloitte. Here are some of the different areas:

  • Private Company Services (PCS) – consulting on tax issues for small business owners, trusts, and individuals.
  • Global Employer Services (GES) – resolving cross border tax issues for individuals and assigned by multi-national corporations.
  • U.S. Corporate Tax Services – complying with tax implications for corporations operating in the U.S.

Plus, if you work in Tax for a term, you know you can ace your next tax course! 

Lynn is a 3rd year student at the University of Waterloo majoring in Accounting and Financial Management (AFM).

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