Campus Blog: The best ways to connect with your coach

By Amara Hakak

Staff Accountant I, Audit & Advisory | Summer 2014 Co-op

As you embark on your journey at Deloitte, you will discover that one of the most important relationships you have here is with your coach. They will guide you through your professional development at the firm and help you maximize your performance. During my time here, I have discovered some useful tips that helped me make the most of this relationship.

Set expectations.

Start off on the right foot by setting expectations of what each of you seeks from the relationship. Both of you should know what the other person is expecting to gain. This is also a good time to ask your coach how often you should be meeting, and what the best method of contact is.

Manage the relationship.

In most instances, your coach may be busier than you. If that is the case, it is important to be proactive by initiating meetings, working around your coach’s schedule, and following up on meeting requests. Alternatively, if it is not feasible to meet in person, setting up calls or online meetings can also be a good way to stay in touch.

Be prepared.

Always be prepared for your meetings. Knowing what it is that you seek from a meeting will help your coach help you. Prepare an agenda for the meeting, if possible, and communicate this to your coach in advance. They will truly appreciate it if you make the meeting efficient.

Create a personal connection.

Your discussions may revolve mostly around your career, but try to get to know your coach on a personal level. You might be surprised to find out that you both have a hobby or an interest in common.  This personal connection may make you both more invested in the relationship.

Communicate, communicate, communicate.

Your coach should first understand your goals before they can help you in achieving them. Whether it is a different industry you want to explore, or a different location you would like to try working from, let your coach know. Your coach will then try their best to find those opportunities for you.

As with everything at Deloitte, ask for help whenever you are uncertain about something. Your coach is there to help you and they have probably been in your shoes. Ask for advice and make the most of it!

Amara is a 4th year student at the University of Toronto specializing in Accounting  

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