Campus Blog: The right path, experiences lead to decisions

By Jennifer Trian

Staff Accountant, Audit and Advisory | Winter/Summer 2014 Co-op

Through the interview process, I was offered positions by three of the Big Four and a few smaller firms. I ended up picking the shortest commute out of the Big Four, which happened to be the Deloitte Burlington office. This choice allowed me to develop skills in a different way than what I would have learned in the bigger offices of the GTA.

I worked in the Accounting Service Group during my first term. I was able to work independently on smaller files and develop a deeper understanding of an entire engagement including the accounting, book keeping and tax side of the Notice to Readers. In the office, I worked on the building blocks of an audit by studying the accounting and tax components, which would later help me in larger audits. From January to April, I worked on small T2s and NTRs for many owner-managed companies.

I was asked to return to Audit full time for my next co-op term. I worked on a variety of engagements - from public manufacturing clients to private real estate companies. The work I did for this diverse group of clients allowed me to build my skill set. I was lucky enough that I didn’t have to choose a specific industry, which sometimes happens with smaller firms. This was the best possible outcome for me because I didn’t know which industry interested me the most. I spent the last month of my second co-op term in the T1 pool where I helped with the personal tax filings of Deloitte clients. I loved the tax pool because we worked as a team to finish the returns on time. This gave me experience working on a team, which is a vital skill to learn.

I was asked to return for my third term as a co-op student. This time, my experience helped me decide on an industry. I have been working on a variety of manufacturing, real estate, financial services clients and even one public sector client. I have decided that my work in the financial services is where I see myself in the future.

Not having to choose an industry to work in for my first couple years at Deloitte allowed me to gain experience in a variety of places and then decide on my specific area of interest. My co-op experience has been full of learning and growth – which Deloitte will help facilitate if you voice your interests.

Jennifer is a 4th year student at the University of Waterloo majoring in Accounting and Financial Management.


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