What to wear at Deloitte: dressing up versus showing up

By Tasha Yee

Business Technology Analyst | Consulting

It’s your first day at work and you wake up early, but you’re too nervous to eat breakfast and then you realize it’s time to get dressed…But what exactly do you wear? Your goal is to look professional, so you decide not to wear your neon pants. Instead, you choose a classy suit and you are ready to go…. or are you? But wait a minute, dressing up is only part of showing up. The most important things to wear sometimes have nothing to do with clothing choices.

Wear a good attitude

A smile on your face and a positive attitude are some of the best things you can bring with you to work. Creating good relationships and connecting with people can start with a simple “hello” or a smile. You’ll find that having a good attitude helps you meet people and work more cohesively with others. A good day starts with a good attitude!

Have your tool hat on

Every day is different and sometimes you are going to come across unexpected challenges. Now, you can’t be ready for everything, but you can be ready to take on a challenge. Being resourceful is one of the top traits I see in consultants that sets them apart; learning how to make lemonade out of lemons is part of why we are hired in the first place. So when something goes wrong, take a deep breath and think about how you can make something good out of it.

Bring a pencil

There will always be things you don’t know or haven’t done before, and that’s part of what makes consulting interesting. You are constantly learning new tasks, undertaking new projects and exposing yourself to innovative industries. What’s important to understand is that if you don’t know it, take the time to learn it. At Deloitte, you have a massive amount of resources, whether they’re online or in person. People are more than willing to share their expertise and skills. All it takes is the initiative to ask.

Don’t forget

When it comes down to it, wearing the right clothes always feels like one of the most important parts of anyone’s first day, but you don’t want to forget the rest either. Everyone’s first day at a new job can seem nerve wracking but if you bring the right attitude, you’re bound to find you fit in perfectly.

Tasha recently graduated from Carleton University majoring in a Bachelor of International Business, specializing in International Investment, Finance and Banking. She is currently a Business Technology Analyst at our Ottawa practice.

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