Campus Blog: Who said nice people always finish last

By Joanna Agnello

Tax Analyst, International Tax

You’re a young bright mind ready to show your new team at Deloitte how great you are and all you have to offer. Now think of all the other young bright minds thinking the exact same thing. So the question is: how do you differentiate yourself? Easy. Be a nice person. Seems too simple, doesn't it? I can assure you that niceness goes a long way in the office setting.

If you’ve been lucky enough to be selected as a Deloitte co-op student, then obviously you’re smart, driven and hardworking. The next step is learning how to enhance your personal brand within Deloitte.

At Deloitte, we are known to work hard and to even stay late to provide our clients with superior service. That means you may be spending a lot of time with your colleagues. It is a given that you are capable of the tasks you will be assigned. So, what you should be asking yourself is: how can I become the ‘go-to’ junior employee? Here are three easy things to do every day that will leave a positive impression on your colleagues and make them want to work with you.

1.     Say ‘good morning’

Saying ‘good morning’ to your colleagues when you enter the office is easy as pie and it sets the stage for a great day. Being open and friendly will encourage managers to think of you when picking their engagement teams.

2.     Smile at colleagues

At Deloitte, we are constantly collaborating on engagement teams. It is important to be part of several engagement teams to learn from different colleagues and their experiences. By smiling at colleagues throughout the day, you won’t easily be forgotten.

3.     Say ‘good evening’ when you leave the office      

As a junior employee, it is especially important to communicate expectations regarding work assignments and deadlines so it is not a good idea to just leave without a trace. Also, if you are leaving the office before your colleagues, a pleasant ‘good evening’ or some small chat can be the pick-me-up your hardworking colleagues need and would really appreciate.  

Remember, as a junior employee, there is a lot of learning and training that will need to happen. One of the keys to being successful is ensuring colleagues want to provide those learning opportunities. Being a nice person is the first step towards ensuring your colleagues want to continue working with you and invest in your future at Deloitte

Joanna completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Western majoring in a Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies. She is also a recent graduate from the University of Waterloo with a Masters of Taxation and is a Tax analyst in our International Tax Group in Toronto.

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