Making tax less taxing for our clients

Tax is an intricate puzzle. Like three-dimensional chess, it requires thinking in several directions at once to determine the best strategic move. For Deloitte Tax professionals, the challenge is in understanding the complexities of relevant tax rules when applied to a unique situation. The art is in designing an innovative solution that helps build your clients' bottom line.

People join our firm for the opportunities to build their career, but stay to be surrounded by intelligent, forward-thinking people. Simply put, our professionals are among the brightest and most likeable in the business.

We also know that the days of one set career path are long over. As the largest Canadian Tax service in the industry, you’ll have more clients – and more opportunities – to work in several areas, including mergers and acquisitions, research and development and personal wealth planning. Here, you can build up your career by working in many different roles, in many different fields, all within one dynamic firm.

Broaden your skills. Broaden your reach. Broaden your career. It’s all possible at Deloitte.