Navigate: Summer 2013 – New directions in travel, hospitality and leisure

Arrivals from emerging markets continue to increase

Navigate: Summer 2013. Trends, technologies and insights for business and leisure travel in Canada. Arrivals to Canada, CASL and hot destination Iceland.

Navigate, Deloitte's semi-annual publication for the travel, hospitality and leisure industry, explores key trends and hot topics. This sixth edition of Navigate: Summer 2013 includes the following:

  • World tourism trends
  • Canadian travel outlook
  • Technology in the industry
  • Iceland is hot!

World tourism trends

  • Global 2012 arrivals surpassed one billion to reach 1.035 billion.
  • Asia-Pacific with 7% growth was the top regional performer.

Canadian travel outlook

  • Arrivals to Canada from emerging and transition markets are expected to increase to 10% from 6%, approaching the share held by the traditional four core markets (73% of arrivals still from U.S.).
  • Emerging markets are growing at rates greater than 5% (except for South Korea).
  • Arrivals from Europe continue to decline.

Technology in the industry

From digital media to data analytics digital technologies have an impact on the industry and on your business.

  • If you're into digital media, your messages should be strong and consistent across all channels, especially during a crisis.
  • Use data analytics to harvest insights from blogs, social networking, location-based and mobile services.
  • Learn about Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) and how it affects your ability to communicate with clients.

Iceland is hot!

And not just the volcanoes…

  • The warm North Atlantic current mediates the country’s climate, allowing for a wide variety of summer and winter activities.
  • Critically acclaimed marketing campaigns have raised the country's profile, and tourism averages 7% growth each year.
  • In 2000 the annual number of visitors exceeded the total resident population.
  • Iceland's tourism infrastructure is highly rated by the World Economic Forum for airport density, presence of major car rental companies and hotel rooms per capita.
  • The Forum also recognized Icelandic people as being the most welcoming to tourists.
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