Navigate: Winter 2013 – New directions in travel, hospitality and leisure

Taking a closer look at winter travel

Gain insight into world tourism trends, Canada’s travel industry, the challenge for Canadian ski resorts and Croatia as a hot destination.

Navigate, our semi-annual publication for the travel, hospitality and leisure industry, explores key trends and hot topics. Navigate: Winter 2013, the seventh edition of the series, includes the following:

  • World tourism trends
  • Canadian travel outlook
  • Winter travel and the challenge for Canadian ski resorts
  • Sustainability in the industry
  • Spotlight on Croatia

World tourism trends

  • Global arrivals during the first half of 2013 stood at $494 million, an increase of 5% compared to the same period last year.
  • International spending continues with a total of $1.075 billion, increasing Global tourism receipts by 3.2% from last year.

Canadian travel outlook

  • Emerging markets continue to be attracted to Canada with the exception of India, which has slumped 3.8% since 2012.
  • The Canadian hospitality metrics remain healthy with revenue per available room growing faster than occupancy.

Winter travel and the challenge for Canadian ski resorts

  • The participation rate of young Canadians in ski and snowboard activities has declined as the industry struggles to attract the next generation of ski and snowboard customers.
  • Canadian tourism organizations are implementing new strategies to retain and attract customers.

Sustainability in the industry

  • Formerly the domain of niche properties and chains looking to differentiate themselves, increasing the ‘green’ factor is becoming a pillar of good hotel management.
  • Linking travel to nature while learning about the environment is making eco-tourism the fastest growing sector in travel.

Spotlight on Croatia

  • Croatia has once again been highlighted on several top travel lists for 2013.
  • 2013 will be a year of technological shifts for Croatia as it launches its viral campaigns: user-generated content, optimization of digital presence, Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing campaigns.
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