2018 BC Retail Study

How next-generation retail leaders are changing the game

Consumers are demanding more of brands daily. New technologies are disrupting traditional business models and creating endless sources of data, which translate expectations into disruptive modes of retail. It no longer serves to have an excellent product, but to stay ahead retailers need to have a clear sense of purpose to drive their omnichannel experiences and foster a true sense of community. Retailers today are looking to balance facts with insights, disruption and innovation with purpose. In short, it’s battle between heart and head.

This year’s study examines key questions such as: What does community mean to retailers and how does it come into play in their growth strategy? How are retailers dealing with ‘analysis paralysis’ and the plethora of data they are constantly faced with – and what is the role of privacy? In this fast-paced environment, how are retailers finding the balance between staying ahead of the curve and building their foundation at the same time? What does the future of work look like and how are next gen retailers preparing for changes we’re already experiencing today?

When it comes to the future, retailers can agree: change is inevitable and awareness is the first step to staying ahead.