Driving growth and building trust in global markets

2020 cannabis report

We believe the future of the cannabis sector continues to hold tremendous promise and incredible potential for growth and lasting prosperity. 2020 has, however, dealt a blow for many in the market.

Our 2020 cannabis report— Driving growth and building trust in global markets—takes stock of today’s opportunities. The report outlines how companies might change course, evolve, and mature in order to recover and thrive in the years to come.

At this crucial juncture, many industry leaders need to make sure their business strategies align with a more customer-centric approach to doing business. Learn how industry leaders can scale these hurdles, weather the current market uncertainty, and move forward with confidence:

Shoring up the industry foundation
Leaders within the cannabis sector need to work collectively to re-establish a strong foundation and encourage the healthy evolution of the industry.

The current state of the industry
Those who successfully build, rebuild, and continue to earn stakeholders’ trust will be better positioned to stay resilient through adversity—and stand apart in a crowded, ever-shifting business environment.

Moving forward with confidence
For the industry to regain its footing and get back on the path to sustainable, long-term growth and success, cannabis companies must get more sophisticated about their business and develop a strategic focus.

The industry’s future is bright
The cannabis industry has an exciting future ahead—but all players must work together to make it a reality. It’s time for industry leaders, governments, and regulators around the world to work together to ensure the industry makes the vital shifts needed to set itself up to thrive in the years to come.

The cannabis sector has what it takes to fulfill its enormous potential. Read the report today to discover our framework for expansion and the six key markets to consider.  

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