Cannabis operational risk: Views from quality assurance professionals

As the cannabis industry rides the upheavals of 2020 along with the rest of the economy, QA professionals reflect on the space’s status of risk and discuss how to succeed in the future.

This year has brought many challenges for the quality assurance (QA) function at cannabis cultivation and processing sites. In addition to the repercussions of COVID-19, several regulatory changes have shifted the operational landscape. The QA function is instrumental in managing such challenges to an organization’s risk, and it cannot be underestimated as we navigate the new normal.

To identify, understand, and successfully manage operational risks during this disruptive time, we sought to discover what cannabis QA professionals in Canada are thinking and experiencing. We therefore convened 35 industry professionals from across the country for informal roundtable discussions throughout July and August 2020, which brought to light numerous important observations and recommendations for the industry leaders who need to understand and support the QA function.

Read Cannabis operational risk to find out the top concerns and top priorities of QA professionals.

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