Analytics Trends 2015

A below-the-surface look

Analytics Trends 2015 examines emerging topics around big data. Business and analytics leaders weigh in on a variety of issues and pose the questions companies need to consider in order to stay ahead.

The growing importance of analytics is undeniable. Everyone is starting to feel the pressure in the form of performance mandates, data overload and risk and compliance. This year, no matter how you envision analytics being deployed within your workplace, leading organizations will be using analytics to ensure they are lean, efficient and ahead of the curve. In other words, the analytics advantage is about more than simply collecting data. It is about distilling information so it makes sense. It is about ensuring your inputs are correct, identifying patterns and relationships and turning all of that into ideas that improve your key performance indicators.

Analytics Trends 2015

Explore this year’s trends

Top eight analytics trends

  1. Supertrend: Quadruple down on data security
  2. The Analytics of Things
  3. Monetize this?
  4. Bionic brains
  5. The rise of open source
  6. Tax analytics: Striking gold?
  7. Universities step up
  8. Accuracy quest

Analytics ahead

Which trends-in-the-making are we likely to be talking about a year from now? Keep your eyes on these.

  • Facial recognition and geospatial monitoring
  • Citizen backlash
  • Analytics driving the physical world
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