“Power of the Best” unleashed: Strategies for Canadian business leaders

New book goes behind the scenes of Canada’s award-winning private companies

Owners and senior executives from Canada’s Best Managed Companies share best practices for business excellence. A book for all Canadian business leaders.

Lessons in business excellence

In Power of the Best, owners and senior executives from Canada’s most successful private companies invite readers behind the scenes as they share critical lessons in achieving business excellence.
The Best Managed process has allowed the authors privileged access to insights and best practices from hundreds of business leaders. “We owe the highest level of gratitude to the many business leaders who entrusted us with their insights and best practices. We are honoured to have this rare glimpse inside Canada’s most admired private companies" says Peter Brown.

In chapters on technology, branding and marketing, succession planning, globalization, attracting and retaining talent, productivity, and more, you’ll discover how businesses from an array of industries and regions have excelled. Canadian business leaders explain how they meet key business issues and use them to their advantage. They provide insights not only into their own organizations but into strategies that all entrepreneurs and executives should master.

No magic solution to success

Management teams from the Best Managed winners’ network apply a variety of diverse business strategies to become and remain successful. And while it’s possible to excel in one or more of these strategies, they reveal that the real trick is finding the unique fingerprint that works best with the company’s current strategy and corporate culture, then working to build on that. “There is no one magic bullet solution. There are many different ways to become successful and really, that’s the underlying message of the book”, says Peter.

Power of the Best is a book for owners and entrepreneurs, management and employees, business students and any Canadian who has an interest in business.  And all Canadians have reason to be proud of these business success stories.

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