Orchestrating live events into entertainment masterpieces

Solotech is a Montreal-based leader in audiovisual and technology services for live events around the world. When it comes to providing sophisticated services to its roster of international clients like Elton John, The Rolling Stones, Celine Dion, Taylor Swift, Caesars Palace, Staples Center, and Cirque du Soleil, Solotech choreographs global ambition with the experience and knowledge of its ensemble at Deloitte Private. The result is a collaboration that provides guidance and strategy, enabling the company to scale globally and provide the most technologically advanced, one-stop solution to its clients.

For Solotech President and CEO Martin Tremblay, delivering powerful technology solutions to a growing list of clients—in music, culture, sports, special events, public sector, places of worship, and many more sectors—means staying on top of advances in technology. It also means having the Deloitte Private team backstage to help Solotech evaluate its internal systems, brainstorm new approaches, and ultimately show Tremblay the team has “a real comprehension of what the drivers are for our business.”

Working with the Deloitte Private team has been different than past consulting relationships, Tremblay says, calling Deloitte Private “better suited to what we’re doing.” It has helped Solotech accelerate internal changes, allowing the company to stay nimble as it meets the needs of a growing list of global clients. As a 43-year-old company, it’s important for Solotech to “look at the situation with external eyes…to help us perform better and make better choices.” This includes making the most of its internal resources, something Deloitte Private has been instrumental in guiding.

This entertainment-technology company has more than doubled its production output over the past three years—an impressive rate of growth it aims to repeat over the next three years. It is currently ranked among the world’s biggest players in terms of concert tours and ninth among the largest audiovisual integration companies in North America. The Deloitte Private team “will help orchestrate this growth because they really understand the ways we’ll have to change in the future.”

Solotech is positioned as a one-stop-shop for its clients. It offers both leasing of leading-edge materials and full services in audio, video, lighting, rigging, and stage masking for producing events of various sizes. It also has extensive expertise in selling audiovisual equipment, and the design, permanent installation, and maintenance of various audiovisual solutions such as audio systems with digital display and collaborative solutions. This unique package has positioned Solotech well for its ambitious expansion goals, but it also means leaning into the capabilities of Deloitte Private to help the company provide the best experience for every client.

This earns the trust and loyalty—and repeat engagement—of clients, which, along with technology that is continually evolving, has Tremblay feeling more confident than ever. “We’re at the top of the game, everywhere,” he says.

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