Equation Nord

Economic potential of northern Quebec

Business development in northern Quebec comes with a certain number of risks. Discover 10 key business challenges related to the Equation Nord project.

The economic potential of northern Quebec is now well established. It is unique because of its considerable high-quality natural resources. Due to the particular context of this region, however, business development in northern Quebec comes with a certain number of risks, in addition to representing a complex business strategy that requires meticulous planning.

The risks are addressed in Equation Nord, winning formula for business success in northern Quebec, a report that presents a point of view on economic development in Quebec’s northern regions. We have identified 10 key challenges that companies will face when choosing to develop business opportunities in northern Quebec.


  • Telecommunications
  • Sustainability
  • Human capital
  • Business model
  • Legislation and regulations
  • Energy
  • Social acceptability
  • Global economic context
  • Northern infrastructure
  • Financing

We also provide practical solutions to help Quebec companies succeed and take their place in the development of future projects.

This point of view is inspired by business community leaders who are familiar with the issues facing the North and leaders with in-depth expertise who shared their thoughts on northern development. This report will provide answers to questions such as the following:

  • What impacts can stakeholders expect from the Mining Act reform?
  • How can companies attract and retain workers in remote regions?
  • Where does Quebec rank in the global economy?
  • Who should finance investments in infrastructure built primarily for economic development projects?

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