How technology and changing business models are impacting the future of LNG


How technology and changing business models are impacting the future of LNG

Remodel, reinvent

The liquefied natural gas (LNG) market is changing with the introduction of new technology and advent of new demand sources. How will evolving business models and new technologies shape the LNG market of tomorrow?

The global natural gas supply industry is shifting from conventional business practices due to increased resource availability, technological omnipotence, and new demand sources. This has triggered the emergence of new business models that are impacting the market. These changing dynamics has led to the rise of small-scale buyers and sellers, portfolio companies, and tolling liquefiers, while long-term contracts still make up the bulk of current trade. To assess this impact, Deloitte conducted a survey of LNG market executives from across the world and value chain, including producers, traders, buyers, and conducted interviews with industry thought leaders.

This report includes an overview of the shifting LNG landscape, the key trends, evolving supply and demand conditions, and the impact of new technologies. It also highlights the major technologies and trends that will drive this evolution in LNG.



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