Economic Advisory

Rigorous analysis that informs public policy and business strategy

We believe in the power of economics to shape public policy and inform business decisions that drive growth, broad-based prosperity, and build a better future for all.

A government project may pass financial scrutiny. But is it in the public interest?

How will a commercial endeavor impact the economy, or communities who may reap its benefits or bear the fiscal burden?

In-depth analysis by our experienced economists yields practical evidence-based insights that lead to smarter planning that addresses organizational and project goals, as well accounting for broader societal impacts.

A comprehensive, independent perspective from Deloitte's Economic Advisory team helps build a stronger business case for Canadian government entities or private sector organizations. After all, economics is king when projects cannot be justified on a financial basis alone.

Our services

We offer a full suite of macroeconomic and microeconomic services, from Economic Development Strategy and Policy Advisory and Cost-Benefit Analysis.

Our dedicated team of economists, consultants and analysts, working closely with our industry leaders across Canada and the globe, apply economic thinking and commercial acumen to everyday business problems. We dissect complex policy and business challenges to provide insightful analysis and offer pointed recommendations.

Economic Development Strategy and Policy Advisory

Governments and agencies seeking to grow or diversify their economies must be keenly aware of how changes in the competitive environment can impact their ability attract investment and skilled labour to their communities. To develop relevant growth or diversification strategies, we assess the competitive landscape, evaluate economic impacts, formulate policy options, and advise on development strategies.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Can an investment, new program, or service be justified from a public interest perspective? Our experienced team applies advanced statistical methods to assess proposed projects. The detailed cost-benefit analyses they prepare, and the business cases to support them, are requirements for objectively ranking projects on their economic, social, and environmental merits.

Infrastructure projects often require an additional layer of analyses. We analyze the efficiency and effectiveness of alternative funding tools and pricing incentives, including mobility pricing, land value capture, and both direct and indirect taxation tools.

Economic Impact Evaluation

Understanding the economic footprint of a project is essential for quantifying the value of a project, program, or investment. Our team employs econometric modeling to assess impacts on employment, value-added, GDP, tax revenue, and other key elements. We carefully evaluate long-term and dynamic impacts, such as on economic development and diversification, supplier ecosystems, human capital development, and balance of trade, to create a comprehensive assessment.

Policy Analysis and Program Evaluation

Are existing policies and programs effective? Are they meeting or falling short of measurable goals? Leveraging data collection methodologies and other sophisticated techniques, we provide comprehensive analyses and develop strategies for identifying and mitigating potential risks, or enhancing program design and delivery.

Competition and Market Analysis

In today's fast-moving digital age, many industries are subject to changing competitive dynamics, including in relation to intellectual property. Businesses and entire industries also face challenges on multiple fronts, including tariff and non-tariff barriers, commercial litigation and regulatory challenges. To stay competitive, businesses need to be one step ahead when it comes to understanding their markets and relying on expert microeconomic analysis to support their business strategy, merger activity and litigation activities.

We use microeconomic theory and econometric modeling to support businesses in merger analysis, including defining relevant markets, analyzing market power and estimating the effects of any alleged anticompetitive practices. We also provide litigation support, including computing damages by building the best possible counterfactual scenarios using econometric analysis or choice modelling of markets. Where required, we also act as expert witness.

Labour Market Analysis and Forecasting

Today’s labour market is subject to rapid changes and disruption. Advances in technology, an aging population, and globalization present both challenges and opportunities across labour markets. New technologies contribute to productivity gains and create new skills requirements. Can educators stay ahead of the demand for these new skills? How will changes in policy affect various sectors and the ability of firms to find qualified workers to fill their job vacancies? How are displaced workers best supported and retrained for other productive occupations?

We use sector assessments, scenario analysis, and labour market modelling and forecasting to help governments, labour unions, educators, and professional and industry associations better plan for sector and occupation-specific labour and skills requirements at regional and national levels.

Our rigorous analysis informs policy and sector-specific human resources strategy by providing an outlook of the industry and the unique human resource challenges facing a given sector. With a comprehensive understanding of potential outcomes, organizations are better equipped to make evidence-based decisions that lead to more effective and sustainable policies and programs that address future labour market needs.

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Dan Markham

Dan Markham

National Leader, Asset and Economic Advisory

Dan is a partner in the Financial Advisory practice and the national leader of the Asset and Economic Advisory practice, which includes the Economics, Infrastructure, Capital Projects and Real Estate ... More

Mario Iacobacci, Ph.D.

Mario Iacobacci, Ph.D.

Partner, Economic Advisory

Mario Iacobacci is a partner in Economic Advisory with Deloitte Canada. He has led a career at the intersection of economics, public policy, and business strategy. He has an international record of ac... More