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Sustainable Cost Transformation & Turnaround

This double-pronged service delivers cost reductions and value enhancements for Canadian companies seeking to build stronger, more resilient organizations.

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It’s a new world

For many organizations today, volatility—and the spectre of volatility—is renewing the focus on profitability: how to drive it, secure it, or simply restore it.

Deloitte’s Sustainable Cost Transformation and Turnaround team offers breadth of service, implementation experience, and industry-specific insight. We provide quick, broad-based assistance for companies seeking to reorganize their operations and find new value in their enterprise. We also supply tailored longer-term programs for companies seeking bottom-line improvement through transformative cost takeout. In combination, our services deliver a broad range of support in a new world of volatility that’s putting companies under actual or potential stress.

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What we do

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Sustainable Cost Transformation services

We deliver targeted structural cost reduction programs that are deep and durable.

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Turnaround services

We quickly and comprehensively analyze, triage, and reverse corporate value suboptimization or decline.

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