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Unlocking the small business opportunity to help Canadian insurance carriers grow

How meeting small business customers’ needs can help Canadian insurance carriers grow

In a backdrop of ever-changing customer preferences and disruptive forces, insurance carriers are finding themselves amidst increasing competition and intensifying their efforts to expand the segments they serve.

Deloitte research has revealed that the small business segments offers an attractive avenue for growth as a traditionally underserved and untapped segment. Backed by 30+ hours of in-depth interviews with small businesses and a survey to 550 small businesses across regions in Canada, Deloitte brings together valuable findings of how carriers can win this segment through an integrated set of choices that will define the winning value proposition.

This POV brings forward four high-level strategies that would help carriers to leverage the emerging technologies and provide an enhanced customer experience for small businesses.

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James Colaco

Mukul Ahuja
Senior Manager

Namrata Shergill

Alexander Carbone

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