Financial Services sectors

Our Financial Services team is comprised of over 500 practitioners who have experience in the banking and securities, credit unions, insurance, investment management, and real estate & construction sectors.

Investment Management

As global leaders in providing services to the investment management industry, Deloitte’s investment management practice provides global resources and capabilities with a local presence, resulting in a clear understanding of each client’s specific market and way of doing business.

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Banking and securities

Our Banking and securities practice provides professional services including statutory audits, tax, enterprise risk, corporate governance, strategy and operations, technology infrastructure and security and other consultative services. We provide tailored solutions to banking organizations, securities dealers and other financial institutions facing complex issues in today’s global and Canadian marketplace.

We track the pressing trends and challenges, and assess the implications for our clients. We combine in-depth knowledge with technical expertise to develop cutting-edge services and solutions for our clients that traverse all of the disciplines to include assurance, tax and consulting.

Credit unions

Credit unions and caisses populaires are no strangers to market turbulence. Yet with each passing year, the pace of industry change seems to accelerate. To compete effectively, credit unions and caisses populaires must develop a strategy for consolidation. To meet mounting regulatory requirements, they need to refine their compliance processes. To win new members, innovation has become critical. And to enhance productivity, they require the ability to attract increasingly scarce talent.

Overcoming these challenges takes advance planning and a willingness to embrace change. With a solid history of serving the financial services industry, Deloitte’s dedicated team is uniquely positioned to help credit unions and caisses populaires thrive in an evolving business climate. Our local credit union teams across the country offer multidisciplinary solutions that range from audit, tax and compliance services to enterprise risk and financial advisory services.

Whether you want to position your credit union or caisse populaire to mitigate existing risks or exploit emerging opportunities, Deloitte has specialists on the ground who can help.


At Deloitte we have a long-standing record of providing in-depth professional services to the insurance industry in Canada. Throughout our global network, hundreds of professionals track and share information concerning legislation, tax laws, regulatory accounting and reporting rules, as well as various trends and issues that impact the insurance industry.

Our Canadian insurance practice audits 8 of the top 35 life and P&C insurance companies, and we have over 350 specialized practitioners providing audit, tax and consulting services to our insurance and reinsurance clients.

We recognize and understand the challenges facing the industry today, and we work hard at being part of the solution. Our professionals are constantly monitoring, analyzing and evaluating present risks and future directions. And we work closely with the insurance industry to keep up-to-date on changing directions, while monitoring new opportunities to advise our clients how to reap future rewards.

Investment management

Our National Asset Management practice is committed to being the premier service provider to the investment management industry in Canada. We are actively involved in industry issues and have developed the network, depth of resources and experience that enable us to help our clients achieve their business goals.

Our cross-functional industry group provides financial and management counsel to the industry. The National Asset Management Group is made up of more than 150 professionals. Our industry professionals provide audit, accounting, tax, performance examination, regulatory and management consulting services. Our clients are investment advisors and administrators from the wealth management businesses of all types of financial institutions, including asset managers, broker/dealers, banks, insurance companies, mutual funds, closed-end and exchange traded funds, investment partnerships/hedge funds, alternative products and other institutional money managers.

Our range of services to the investment management industry in Canada includes:

  • External and internal audit services
  • IFRS conversion and accounting advisory services
  • Strategy and cost control advisory services
  • Operational and systems expertise
  • Tax advisory and structuring services
  • Compliance and regulatory advisory services
  • Performance management services
  • Alternative investments
  • Risk management advisory services
  • Back office optimization and reconciliation services

As the largest Canadian professional services firm, we have the depth and breadth within our National Asset Management practice to deliver best practices to our clients on industry matters. Deloitte is particularly proud to work with the leaders of the Canadian Asset Management Industry including some of the largest Canadian retail and institutional fund managers.

Real estate & construction

Deloitte’s Real Estate & Construction group and its member firm practices are recognized for bringing together teams with diverse experience and knowledge. We provide customized solutions for organizations across the full spectrum of the real estate community, including:

  • Real estate companies and REITs
  • Real estate funds and investors
  • Engineering and construction
  • Homebuilders, developers, and land owners
  • Real estate management, brokerage, and service providers
  • Corporate occupiers and tenants

Whichever kind of organization you are, our team of seasoned professionals can support you with deep knowledge and insight into any real estate industry challenge.