Human capital trends 2015

Can Canadians handle work’s new reality?

New ways of thinking about leadership and talent are required to navigate in the future as the competitive environment is profoundly changed by technological and demographic shifts. Human capital trends 2015 reveals the 10 most pressing human capital challenges facing Canadian business.

Technology and demographic shifts are profoundly changing the nature of work—and the nature of the workforce itself. Across Canada, organizations find themselves confronting both the challenges and the opportunities created by this “new world of work.” Finding a way forward will demand new ways of thinking about leadership and talent.

Human capital trends 2015 looks at what Canadian business and HR leaders think about this new world of work—from the trends that concern them, to their ability to respond and evolve to the realities and demands of today’s workplace.

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Top ten Canadian human capital challenges

1.  Leadership

2.  Culture and engagement

3.  Learning and development

4.  Reinventing HR

5.  Workforce capability

6.  HR & people analytics

7.  Performance management

8.  Simplifying work

9.  Machines as talent

        10.  People data everywhere

Human capital trends 2015 offers insights into these most pressing challenges, including:

Leadership, culture and engagement

Nine out of 10 Canadian respondents see leadership, culture and engagement as top business concerns. Leadership is a perennial concern for Canadian business and HR leaders alike. Today, organizations are realizing that culture and engagement aren’t “soft” issues—but key levers that can drive business performance.

Workforce capability

Canadian organizations are reaching out to the “open talent economy.” 47% of Canadian respondents plan to increase their use of contingent, outsourced, contract or part-time workers in the next three to five years. 80% view workforce capability as an important trend—and 53% see it as a long-term priority for their organization.

Reinventing HR

HR needs to radically reinvent itself, from the services provided to how they’re delivered. 72% of Canadian respondents feel reinventing HR is an important or very important issue—and only 7% rate the capabilities of their HR and talent programs as excellent.

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