Engagement and development services

E²: The exponential power of employee engagement™

All businesses look for ways to draw new value from existing processes. Sometimes, longstanding practices get overlooked as potential sources of renewed business value. While conducting employee engagement surveys has been a staple best practice for decades, the idea of leveraging the survey to collect, analyze and apply employee insight to operational improvement has often been ignored.

E²: The exponential power of employee engagement™ is a unique survey that includes both an employee engagement component and an operational effectiveness survey. This survey tool and process will transform the engagement survey from a benchmarking exercise into a source of untapped business advantage. There is an inherent strategic opportunity that current data-gathering procedures overlook.

Consider how these issues affect your organization. Can you pull added value from the considerable expense and effort engagement surveys already cost you? Can a renewed approach to the survey deliver operational benefits you may not have considered? Do you have questions about how our survey can specifically help your business?

We can help you get results from your results.

Leadership development

With studies clearly linking business performance to effective leadership, organizations can no longer wait for leaders to emerge. Instead, they must actively assess the performance of current leaders—particularly the senior management team—while proactively developing the leaders of tomorrow.

Are you confident that your future leaders are currently in the pipeline? Do you feel current leadership development efforts are getting the results you need? If not, Deloitte’s leadership development team can help. Our services include senior team development, leadership strategy development, leadership development program implementation and leader and team competency skills development.

While 72% of organizations consider leadership development critical, only 23% feel they are doing it well. Our leadership development solutions bring need and execution together, aligning your leadership with organizational strategy, now and going forward.

Talent strategies

In a world in which businesses must compete in an ever-wider arena while doing more with less, human capital is emerging as the most challenging to secure, the most elusive to quantify and the most critical component to success. People and performance issues are common concerns to organizations in every industry, particularly in our current economic climate. It is now more important than ever that you have the capability to improve your business operations through your people.

The talent market itself, once driven by supply, is now driven by demand – transformed by generational and demographic trends. With the shift of talent and the globalization of work, organizational design and how we communicate and collaborate (e.g. social media) will matter more than ever. The challenge of getting them right will likely be more complex than it’s ever been. The key is knowing which paths to take to align and integrate your people strategies with business strategies.

Deloitte can help. Ranked #1 by a leading research firm, our talent strategies practice can help you unlock the potential of your people, bring you closer to your talent and develop integrated and sustainable solutions that drive business performance.