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Canada at 175 refers to Deloitte's vision for the future of our nation's prosperity by July 1, 2042. With the 150th anniversary of confederation on the horizon, now is the time for Canada to redefine what it means to be a global leader. Our ambition as a nation must be bolder—we must aim to not only achieve economic prosperity, but to elevate the quality of life for our vast and diverse population.

The following reports, available via the app, analyze different angles on the journey that lies ahead:


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The future belongs to the bold. Canada needs more courage.

With the 150th anniversary of confederation on the horizon, we must be bold to overcome a turbulent economic landscape and ensure our country's future prosperity.

At the root of Canada's stagnant economy, and key to invigorating it, is courage.

Courage is doing the right thing—the hard thing—for the greater good, despite being filled with fear, doubt or uncertainty. Courage is taking a stand when it's difficult, not when it's easy.

We surveyed 1,200 business leaders across Canada to better understand the state of courage in Canadian organizations. Our analysis uncovered a stark reality: at a time when Canada needs its businesses to be bolder than ever, only 1 in 10 Canadian companies is truly courageous. Yet, an astonishing 44% believe they are.

Changing Directions: Rethinking working and commuting in the GTA

The ways in which people live and work in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) are changing at an exponential rate. The new world of work, characterized by individual empowerment, will require businesses to abandon traditional working models in favor of flexible operations that can be tailored to address the diverse needs of individuals. Currently, however, our transportation systems are built to accommodate commuter flows that align with standard working models. While we do not know the specific implications that the future of work will have on commuting, we do know that it will increase the diversity of needs in the commuting ecosystem.

Canada at a new crossroads: 25 years later

What we need are new and courageous conversations—about the choices we face, and the trade-offs we must make, to give the country the best odds of a prosperous future from today forward. This discussion paper is intended to spark just such conversations across the country. To do so, we consider where we stand relative to some of the recommendations made in the original Canada at the crossroads—a report written by Roger Martin, John Armstrong, and Michael Porter in 1991. We then explore the trends and uncertainties that will impact our future. But more importantly, we posit four different scenarios that could impact the economic health and well-being of the country.

Download these reports for free on iTunes or Google Play today.

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