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Cloud transformation

What’s your possible?

At Deloitte we see how cloud puts advanced technologies at the heart of your business, how it forces you to rethink the meaning of value and the measure of performance, how to have it up and transforming the way you work faster than you imagined and in ways you never considered.

We help you see your possible, and with cloud we make it your actual.

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The cloud advantage

Game–changing business agility

Reimagine your business and reinvent your future. Cloud isn’t really about the cloud. It’s about disruption and transformation, about delivering a shape-shifting agility for recreating everything you do and how you do it.

Speed to Market

Meet new needs in new ways. Accelerate go-to-market time lines, personalize marketing communications, and remake buying-experience excellence. Cloud makes market adaptation lightning fast.

Scalability and cost efficiency

Scale up or down to suit demand. Ensure that your technology is always at the cutting edge. Minimize development and deployment costs. Cloud delivers unparalleled asset agility.

Big data and AI

Tap into big data and optimize AI capabilities. Convert the data you already own into true business assets and use it to develop new applications with speed. Cloud agility gets data working for you as never before.

Employee engagement and collaboration

Support remote work, enhance collaboration, reinvent recruitment, and drive productivity. Managing talent in workplace environments is more challenging than ever. Cloud enables exceptionally nimble talent and performance management.


Embrace new possibilities for participating in an open ecosystem/partnership economy. Engage with partners in new ways to exchange data and ideas and build transformative products and services. Cloud’s capacities for driving integration make it possible.

Our cloud offerings

We combine extraordinary cloud expertise with exceptional business acumen to help clients discover and realize what’s truly possible for their organizations, customers, and people.

Cloud engineering

The core of our cloud engineering offering targets solutions with disruptive impact. It encompasses:

Strategies for exploring the possible and mapping an accelerated route to transformation specific to industries, clients, and teams.

Development and integration capabilities for custom cloud native applications providing agility, efficiency, security, and impact.

Infrastructure and engineering services for designing, building, and scaling more efficient, powerful, and cost-effective solutions.

Enterprise agility expertise for adapting cloud platforms to changing needs and opportunities.


Why Deloitte?

For us, the cloud is never simply a technology solution about apps and storage, but a driver of business transformation.

Our cloud practice is informed by deep cross-industry experience and business insight

We leverage incisive, sector-specific business viewpoints on how cloud services that help you be more inventive and your products more desirable.

We deliver real business advantages and impact

For Deloitte, the cloud is not only about the cloud. A transformation is truly successful only if it delivers on its business promise. We leverage the cloud as a pathway to actualizing the possible.

We engineer the cloud journey to business transformation at every step

We leverage architecture and engineering capabilities to design, build, and scale solutions that drive business results. Our cross-functional capabilities include human capital, cyber, risk and regulatory, and tax practices. We provide human-centred design to ensure employees adopt and embrace cloud capabilities.

Our cloud services are built for speed and agility

With highly trained, deeply technical teams specializing in every major cloud platform and area of cloud delivery, we generate value immediately and pivot quickly to address emerging issues. Our experts select, connect, and tailor cloud solutions that fit our clients' business goals.

We focus on innovation and continuous development

Deloitte is strongly committed to exercising thought leadership and remaining at the forefront of cloud innovation. We sponsor or participate in a variety of unique programs exploring what technology means for the future and how it can inform our cloud solutions, disciplines, and services.


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What we think


Dissolve your cloud concerns

How to de-risk your cloud transformation

Our report unpacks the steps you can take to avoid potential risks of transforming your organization to the cloud.

Innovating R&D with the cloud

Business transformation could require cloud-enabled data, ecosystems, and services

Life sciences and health care organizations appear at an inflection point with a unique opportunity to advance public/private information-sharing for a break-the-glass scenario that could save lives. The cloud could be uniquely positioned to support R&D given that it can provision infrastructure almost instantaneously, scale up or down as the need shifts, and provide physical data center and virtual network security. What’s more, organizations can innovate secure digital applications and platforms more rapidly.

Time, technology, talent

The three-pronged promise of cloud machine learning

Machine learning (ML) is transforming nearly every industry, helping companies drive efficiencies, enable rapid innovation, and meet customer needs at an unprecedented pace and scale. As companies increasingly mature in their use of ML, the heavy reliance on large data sets and the need for fast, reliable processing power are expected to drive the future of ML into the cloud. The well-known benefits of the cloud—including modular, elastic, rapidly deployable, and scalable infrastructure without heavy upfront investment—apply when bringing ML into the cloud.

The future of cloud-enabled work infrastructure

Making virtual business infrastructure work

COVID-19 has affected work, the workforce, and workplace in dramatic ways. It has forced organizations to think about their future infrastructure needs, and accelerate their movement to the cloud to better handle constantly shifting business and workforce needs. Multicloud solutions and hybrid cloud technology strategies are the norm for those already in the cloud, and will likely continue to see increased adoption as they enable business flexibility.

Unbundling the cloud with the intelligent edge

How edge computing, AI, and advanced connectivity are enabling enterprises to become more responsive to a fast-moving world

Like cloud and 4G LTE, edge computing and intelligence will likely constitute a large evolution of infrastructure that will take time to enable the next phase of innovation and competitive advantage. As more industry leaders adopt and deploy the intelligent edge, more use cases and innovations will no doubt emerge. How this evolution reshapes networks, services, machines, and the built environment will play out over the next decade.

The CFO guide to transforming finance with Oracle Cloud

Enabling digital finance with Oracle Cloud

Digital technologies are reshaping the business world, and they can make finance organizations faster and more effective than ever before. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics can automate high-volume tasks with limited human intervention. Blockchain distributed ledger technology lets global commercial networks record transactions securely in near real time. Advanced analytics can help Finance spot trends, model changes, and provide better decision support. But the devil is in the details.

Cloud adoption and the evolving customer experience

Optimizing the human experience for customers, employees, and ecosystem partners

Today’s marketer needs to create differentiated experiences across a broad range of popular channels to engage audiences through their preferred platform. And they need to do it at low cost. Squaring this circle requires a new approach. Learn how connecting cloud adoption with the digital human experiences of customers, employees, and ecosystem partners can help foster it. Humans retain more from experiences than from products or technology.

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