The future of Quebec’s manufacturing industry

2015 edition

What impact could North America’s reindustrialization movement have on Quebec? To find out, register now for one of our roadshow events.

A series of roadshow events on the future of manufacturing in Quebec

Since 2011, the Deloitte manufacturing industry roadshow has reached more than 4,000 thought leaders with meaningful content on the industry’s impact, its main challenges and short- and long-term development opportunities. In 2015, Deloitte launched a roadshow focusing on competitiveness in the manufacturing industry.

This third edition, entitled The future of Quebec’s manufacturing industry: Focus on competiveness, discusses the major transformations taking place on the world stage along with the resulting opportunities. The rules of the game are changing, and manufacturing companies in Quebec must keep pace and become more competitive. By improving productivity and promoting innovation, the Quebec industry may be able to seize some of those opportunities, especially in terms of the reindustrialization of North America and Europe and the new trade agreements with the European Union and South Korea.

To achieve this, it will be essential to step up capital spending on automation and robotics, to increase companies’ value added and technological intensity, and to correct the skills mismatch in the labour market through a reform of vocational and technical training, among other measures.

The time to act is now.

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