The Deloitte M&A Lab

The M&A Lab is an immersive experience to solve for M&A-related business challenges, customized to your organization, and enabled by Deloitte’s experience, technology and insights. Achieve rapid breakthroughs on complex M&A choices, and strategic themes, customized to your business.

What can you expect from an M&A Lab?

  • We hone in on your key questions using structured pre-session interviews to gage your M&A aspirations and challenges on acquisitions or divestiture.
  • We address your aspirations and challenges by curating and tailoring the content and select the right subject matter experts from our practice.
  • Our philosophy is that successful M&A Labs include the right balance of industry expertise, functional capability accelerators, and insightful facilitation techniques.
  • We accelerate internal alignment to help drive clarity and agility toward action, coming out of the session.
  • You will receive a summary of the key insights from your M&A Lab day, along with visualizations and photos to jog your memory. Coaching on key follow-ups can be arranged at your request.
Learn more about each lab.

M&A Playbook Lab

The M&A Playbook lab aligns corporate strategy with M&A strategy to develop an understanding on how to execute deals optimally. Once aligned, we conduct playbook planning from expression of interest to LOI, due diligence, and best practices in PMI and integration considerations. Exercises include target sourcing, heat mapping and project planning.

Head of M&A Lab

During the Head of M&A Lab, you will create a bespoke plan that defines your aspirations, considers where you spend your time, assesses your team and talent issues, and examines your relationships and influence.

Lessons learned M&A Lab

During this M&A Lab, organizations will analyze past deals with seasoned coaches, evaluate them against pre-closing and post-closing objectives, understand best practices toward different deal types, and derive action areas for your team’s next deal.

Strategy and Deal Origination M&A Lab

This lab explores how to tie longer term strategic priorities to your M&A program. Work through exercises to prioritize search criteria and experience applying selection criteria against a list of illustrative target archetypes sourced pre-session. Evaluate strategic fit, criteria fit, and explore the organization’s ability to successfully execute on prioritized deals through interactive debate, synergy planning exercises and the creation of a sequential acquisition program.

Disruptive M&A Lab

The Disruptive M&A Lab explores technologies that are transforming your industry, what competitors are doing to capture opportunities or defend positions, and how companies can use M&A transactions to acquire capabilities, innovate their core, or completely transform their business.

Divestiture M&A Lab

The Divestiture M&A Lab helps business owners explore their true aspirations for the business, themselves, and their legacy - be these divergent or convergent with those of other stakeholders. Deal structure options explored during this M&A lab can include: sale to family members, sale to management team, recapitalization/partial sale (control or minority sale), and IPO or sale to a third party.

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