Is it time to sell your business?

Sell-side strategies for private companies

Owners of mid-market companies face numerous issues and challenges leading up to and during the sale process. Learn how your private company can take out the mystery and uncertainty surrounding those issues.

Selling a company or partnering with a financial sponsor is an important event, whether the owners are looking to exit or to finance growth. The big question is, “when is the preferred time to pursue a transaction?” Oftentimes, the decision involves three considerations: company-specific variables, existing market conditions and synergy opportunities with potentially interested parties.

Sell-side strategies for private companies provides a straightforward explanation of the key issues you should be aware of and helps companies effectively prepare for a liquidity transaction, in whatever form that may take. It also provides insights into what the party across the table may be thinking, which can help you obtain the best value for the business that you have spent your life building.


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