Avoiding a tailspin


Avoiding a tailspin

The imperative for reform in the Canadian aviation sector

Despite the gradual return of some grounded fleets, airports remain underutilized, and thousands of Canadians whose jobs depend on aviation wonder whether they’ll have a job to return to when the pandemic is all over. While vaccination offers a glimpse of what a return to more normal might feel like, air travel remains restricted, and the future of aviation remains more uncertain than it has in decades.

Our report Avoiding a tailspin takes a detailed look at Canadian aviation as an economic pillar at risk, how COVID-19 has changed the industry and how it can recover. Additionally, we provide suggestions for how government and industry can introduce reform that will prove vital for the sector’s survival.

For Canada’s economy to fully recover and thrive, especially the business and tourism sector, aviation must remain competitive and provide quality services for reasonable prices. Aviation reform needs to take off, and fast.

What to know more? Read Avoiding a tailspin.

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