In pursuit of climate change resilience and response

How the security and justice sector can prepare for disrupted operations, increased threats, and strained services

There’s one challenge facing Canada’s security and justice sector that transcends all industries and society as a whole. And its effects are showing up with increasing magnitude and frequency.

Climate change presents threats to civil, political, economic, and social rights and increases demand for services across the continuum, from everyday crime, border security, and emergencies to legal support, adjudication, and offender rehabilitation and reintegration.

The sector is starting to recognize that mitigating the impacts of climate change needs to be a priority in its planning and decision-making. At the same time, many local agencies and other security and justice organizations haven’t even taken steps to evaluate the extent to which they add to the risks within their own domains.

With In pursuit of climate change resilience and response, we’ve taken a temperature check on the sector’s response to the risks of climate change to offer forward-thinking examples, critical considerations, and important next steps.

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This is the final article in our three-part series on what the future of security and justice could look like for Canada and how to get there. Read part one, In pursuit of equitable access to justice, and part two, In pursuit of next-era community safety and well-being.

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