Deloitte city mobility index

The Deloitte city mobility index is a comprehensive review that assesses major cities on key aspects of mobility and readiness for future mobility solutions (the Future of Mobility). It covers three thematic areas – performance and resilience, vision and leadership, service and inclusion – to gauge whether the transport networks move citizens efficiently, inclusively, sustainably, and in an integrated way, and how forward-thinking and effective the various government bodies are in delivering quality mobility.

Drawing on publicly available data, client conversations, and Deloitte’s own analysis, it covers over 60 individual parameters. A total of 57 cities from across the globe have been released, selected to represent a variety of sizes by population and area, geography and levels of economic development.

For the full interactive index to compare among the major cities, visit the Deloitte city mobility index at

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Key contacts

Co-lead, Future of Mobility Canada
Co-lead, Future of Mobility Canada

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