The world around us is changing at a dizzying pace.

Find out how these drivers and trends impact government.

Technology that was once seen only in science fiction films now sits in the palm of a hand. Societal apathy that once seemed insurmountable has made way for organizations, individuals, and entire markets working for social good. Innovative business models and enterprises that were once considered fantastical are not only succeeding but scaling rapidly. But what about government?

As these changes spill over into the next decade, 2020 sees government take on powerful new roles — going from problem solver to network integrator and solution recruiter. Gov2020 visualizes the interplay between technology, society, demographics, and governance, providing a view of the important trends that will shape government and its mission areas in the years ahead. It draws from discussions and contributions from hundreds of subject matter experts from across the globe. Come explore the future with Gov2020.


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